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Why I Want to be a Teacher Essay

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Why I Want to be a Teacher

School is a major part of our young lives. It is where we spend the majority of our time as youngsters. Children begin to develop relationships with people who have not been apart of their infancy. For someone who does not enjoy school, this could put a damper on their relationships with others as well as their learning achievements in life. This is why I want to become a teacher. I want to develop a learning atmosphere where children feel joy and security.

I believe that enjoying and feeling that one belongs is an important part of education. Yes, I used the word that makes some people shiver when heard, education. Education is often viewed as an institution where children are…show more content…

Children are with teachers the majority of the day. Children are influenced by what they see and why they are around. Not only are they teaching them academics, but also manners, sportsmanship, and self worth. These are important factors that children need in everyday life. This is why a teacher’s job is so important. Most would say that teaching would be a hard job. But, I feel that it will be easy if you win your students over. I know that the rewards in the end will out weigh the cost. Watching a student master a new task is the reward I am after.

I have always enjoyed school. I enjoy learning new topics as well as helping others understand those topics. I want to teach children to take an interest in school even if it is in only one subject area. By getting them interested I hope to give them the reason they need to get up every morning and put an effort into what they do. The more a student puts into school, the more they will get out of it.

I have always wanted to be a parent. I am a newly wed and we plan to have children in the near future. I feel that I will be a great parent because I helped raise my two sisters so I have background with helping children and meeting their needs. As a future educator, I must convince students that I care. I plan to open new doors and introduce ideas that spark interest in their souls.

In high school I was forced to pick a major my ninth grade

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I guess I knew when I used white chalk to pretend to teach by writing on my pale yellow latex-painted wall in my bedroom, which did NOT go over well with my mom (writing on walls, etc.).

Dad changed careers and went into teaching, but I, at the time, refused to do it when I graduated high school because my dad did. (The value of the job would probably have been wasted on me at that point anyway.) After attending college off and on, and working at several different kinds of positions—even to the point that I was making good money with a decent vacation package and benefits—I decided I wanted to be my own boss. (And in some ways, this is still true if you love what you do...who needs to check on you when you're already pushing yourself as hard as you can...crazy, I know...)

With my degree finally in hand, I was fortunate to get a job at the time. I had graduated from that district—and people there still knew me; and, my mentoring teacher was the absolute best instructor and advocate.

After my first day (I remember asking myself what I would find to talk about for 45-minutes....ha!), I was hooked, and quickly found that I liked what I did, especially the creativity of it, and the interaction with the kids.

When choosing my major, I did NOT think about the huge amounts of paperwork that come with teaching English: I loved history equally well, but English also allows us to talk about what we think and feel, rather than having to give an exact response. There is some of that, but interpretation of literature, poetry, etc., is great. Kids teach ME stuff on a regular basis.

Working with some parents can be difficult if those parents believe everything their child says or are unable to set out guidelines for their children. I tell my students I am a scorekeeper, and I go over things repeatedly till they are ready to beat me with a stick in hopes that everyone will get it. I want my kids to do well. It's hard when you really try and a parent blames you for something that you have not done or that is not in your control. It's hard not to take it personally for me because I care so much, and doing a good job I DO take personally...but this response is my problem to fix.

The kids make me LAUGH a lot. I teach ninth grade and love it more than any grade I have ever taught. I find that kids not only need to be taught English, but be given a place to voice how they feel about Shakespeare or...ghosts maybe (and they often go hand in hand). With some kids, we end up agreeing to disagree. Being consistent in following through with consequences with rules is tough, especially when the student in question in one of your best. The kids change you in great ways, and teach you things, and the saddest thing is that I only see them 180 days before they move on (though sometimes we all need a break from each other). But it's neat to see them come back as teachers, or getting married, having kids, etc. It is not a job for me. It is a passion. Some days are "diamonds, some days are stones." But what a ride!

And 45 minutes is rarely enough time in the classroom!

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