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In our every day’s interactions in different societal settings, be it at work, family, friends, school or social interactions, communication is a vital component of an individual. It is the natural process of exchanging and sharing information, ideas, views, and feelings either through writing, verbally or non-verbally. Communication plays various roles. In the daily lives of society, these skills develop the foundation for an individual, they aid in conveying ideas and thoughts openly, develop strong relationships, facilitate the spread of knowledge, and refines one’s personality.

Communication skills develop a foundation of an individual. Every individual has the right and needs to express. A person requires communication skills to communicate their fears and challenges to others, manage a family, successfully conduct their jobs, obtain an education, maintain friendships and be confident. Failure of having adequate communication skills makes it difficult for one to learn, get a job, get promotions, engage others and foster social and intimate relationships. When an individual cannot achieve any of the above necessities, they face numerous difficulties that threaten their survival.

Communication skills spread knowledge and information. Communication does so by facilitating learning and adoption of various skills such as language proficiency, social-cultural knowledge, social competence and strategic knowledge, skills that are vital to survival and efficiently functioning in society. Additionally, knowledge spreads through authors communicating their expertise and experience in different world topics through books that teachers then utilize in classrooms to impact education. In the work environment, employees share information with each other and with their customers by using these skills.

Communication skills make it possible for expression of ideas palpably. In everyday life of an individual, a person experiences situations that require handling through well-thought out ideas and solutions. These thoughts and solutions necessitate for good communication to be operational. Failure to have good communication skills means that ideas, however relevant, and useful they may be cannot be shared successfully thereby failing. Excellent communication skills empower any person to effortlessly convince people, convey a situation, acquire understanding, receive respect and achieve their mandate. Moreover, good communicators of ideas become valuable employees to businesses.

Communication skills play a crucial role in developing relationships. Relationships between parents and children, couples, employees, and employers or among friends boast of success due to the ability of the parties involved understanding and connecting with each other. Communication skills cement healthy relationships by enabling an individual with practical skills in communication express themselves so that others can comprehend how they are feeling and what they want. Effective communicators become productive members of society and make relationships successful through sharing thoughts, feelings, and needs, thereby bringing their counterparts closer to their world.

Effective communication skills improve one’s personality. Personality is the style, conduct, attitude, mentality, and mannerism that an individual portrays. Communication skills improve character by helping an individual become convincing in their interactions with others by way of empowering them to share their feelings and knowledge appropriately. The skills also enable one to be taken seriously when they ooze confidence, understanding of their message and portray proper body language when associating with people. Moreover, effective communication skills boost one’s pronunciation, language use and listening skills that make them successful thereby refining their personality.

In conclusion, the role of communication skills should not be taken too lightly as it is the process through which a society develop and evolve. It is a vital aspect of human life, whereby as individuals communicate each day with others, communication skills; facilitates the foundation of human beings, enables sharing of information and knowledge makes it probable to express ideas, develop strong friendships and improve personality.


In our society, we always consider exchanging messages with other individuals because it is one of the most essential ways to exchange information. Communication is an everyday routine for every individual because it conveys information that can enhance the productive lifestyle of a person. With the application of language, communication becomes easier to interpret because there are certain words and phrases that provide meanings to an activity, material, or interests of the person. The human population developed an essential way of exchanging information through the application of communication skills. This paper aims to discuss and determine the roles of communication skills in the society. It seeks to find out the roles and skills applied by every person to improve their interests and practices.

The role of communication is an essential foundation of a person. This is to provide learning insights to other individuals because every person deserves the right to acquire information so that they can develop their mental and cognitive functioning. Communication seeks to improve the relationship between two individuals or groups because there are series of information exchanged between the participating individuals as to convey interests with each other. Communication sets limits because there are set of laws that every person must have to follow. It promotes a disciplinary form of activities that people needs to follow because there are written laws that are needed to be applied in every society. Communication promotes transactional activities because we always trade material to benefit our socio-economic lifestyle. In this case, communication is a complex form of activity that allows individuals to become multi-talented to accomplish a set of tasks to improve their productivity.

There are different skills of communication that a person can convey with other individuals or groups. This includes teaching, which the application of sharing knowledge for the purpose of improving the minds and the convictions of other individuals. Communication promotes comfort to other individuals. Expressing thought and values enables a person to decrease their level of anxiety while verbalizing their concerns. Talented individuals become productive when they establish a form of communication in an artistic way with other individuals. This is through singing, which is an artistic activity that utilizes musical tone while sending a message to other individuals. If a person sings, they can improve the ambiance of the environment because the musical tone stimulates the auditory perception of the individual that promotes muscle relaxation while listening to an individual who is singing.

As an implication, we can learn numerous insights when using communication because it is one of the most important practices that human beings developed. Communication enhances relationship to strengthen their bonds because involved parties will start to engage a productive way of enhancing their thoughts and perceptions to become productive and reliable. Through the use of communication, individuals become productive by sharing their thoughts and ideas towards a certain practice. Communication nowadays are transforming into the digital world to create a new avenue of information portals with other individuals. Using communication supports the need to improve the relationship between two or more individuals so that they can appreciate views and practices learned from other individuals or groups in the society (Ferguson & Terrion, 2014).


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