Mba Cet 2014 Analysis Essay

MH-CET 2010 had 200 questions without any distinct sections. The questions were from the following topics: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.

The overall difficulty level of the paper was simple to moderate, but the difficulty lay in selecting the simpler questions first.

MH-CET 2016 was conducted on the 12th and 13th of March, by the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra. After giving MH-CET, candidates had to go through a Common Admission Process (CAP).

This article analyses the MH CET 2016 exam for students to refer to, while preparing for MH-CET 2017.
Exam Overview

Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation (MH-CET)

This section was tough as compared to the previous year, where the section was pretty easy. Questions were tricky and were based on calculations. Arithmetic Questions were in majority. There were 4 sets of Data Interpretation. Out of these 4, two were easy, one was moderate and the other was calculation-intensive. The sets covered Tables, Line Graphs, Pie Charts and Caselets. No questions from Numbers this year. A few questions were asked along with Data Sufficiency. No new types in any of the questions. No reports of any errors in the questions.

Good Attempt: 30 questions and above with high accuracy.


Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

This section was one of the easiest and the least time-consuming. Questions were on cloze test, para-jumbles, grammatical errors, spelling correction, synonyms and antonyms. There were 2 Reading Comprehension Passages with 5 questions each. There was rarely any question that could be termed ‘difficult’.

Good Attempt: 40 questions and above with high accuracy.


Logical Reasoning

This was the toughest section of the exam with a moderate difficulty level. No surprises in this section. Questions were from Cause & Effect, Statement & Course of Action, Statement & Conclusions, Statement-Assumptions, Critical Reasoning and Syllogisms. Students found some questions on analytical puzzles to be a bit tough. Many questions included figures and diagrams. There were some basic questions, based on Coding-Decoding, Blood Relations and Directions.

Good Attempt: 48 questions and above with high accuracy.


Abstract Reasoning (Visual Reasoning)

This was the easiest section for the students 25 Questions were standard and not something new. There were around 17 questions on Completion of sentences and 8 questions on analogies. Learn techniques to boost this section

Good Attempt: 20 questions and above with high accuracy


Overall, the difficulty level of the exam was moderate and the difficulty level was almost similar for every slot. The test was computer-based with no technical glitches reported across the centers.


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The state of Maharashtra conducts common entrance test (MHCET) each year for the admissions to graduate, post graduate and diploma courses. The exam comprises of three types of entrance tests for the admissions to different courses. The three common entrance tests are: MHT CET, MAH CET and MAH MCA CET. The MHT CET or Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test is conducted by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) and Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) for the admission to the degree courses in the streams of Medical, Engineering and Pharmacy. The entrance test scores are considered for the admissions in top Government and Private medical and engineering colleges in Maharashtra.

Once the entrance test is cleared, a student makes the way through for the admissions in the renowned government and private colleges in Maharashtra. The courses offered are MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BPTh, BOTh, BP&O, BASLP and BSc Nursing, various engineering courses (B.E., B.Tech.) and pharmacy courses. The test is pen and paper based, consists of 3 papers namely: Physics and Chemistry, Biology (botany and zoology) and Mathematics, each of 100 marks. The paper format is objective type, containing MCQs and has no negative marking.

MHT MCA CET 2018 Paper Analysis

This entrance exam is conducted for the students desiring for the admissions to the degree courses in medical, engineering and pharmacy. The good score in the exam let you be the part of top colleges in Maharashtra. Let us examine the pattern of the test:

Name of the paperMCQsMarks per questionTotal marks
Physics chemistry50 501 1100
Biology (Botany) Biology (Zoology )50 501 1100

Analysis of MHT CET 2015 Question Paper

Out of 50 questions in the physics section, 23 questions were conceptual in nature, 11 memory based and 16 numerical based questions. The topics were mainly covered from the syllabus of class 11th and class 12th such as circular motion, oscillations, kinetic theory, electro-statistics, current electricity, etc.

The chemistry section was a well balanced paper where each branch of chemistry was given almost equal weightage. Out of 50 questions, 15 questions were from physical chemistry, 15 from inorganic chemistry and 20 questions from organic chemistry. Questions mainly covered were chemical thermodynamics and energetics, chemical kinetics, p-block elements, biomolecules, aldehyde, ketones and carboxylic acids.

The biology paper was equally divided into two parts: botany and zoology. In botany, maximum number of questions were asked from reproduction in plants and the least number of questions were asked from organism and environment. In zoology, most of the questions were asked from human reproduction and lesser number of questions from animal husbandry.

While, mathematics had mainly questions from class 12th such as trigonometry, derivatives, etc.

The difficulty level of MHT CET 2015 is shown below:

Name of the paperDifficulty level
Physics and ChemistryEasy to moderate
MathematicsEasy to moderate

Analysis of 2013 Question Paper

The entrance test was based on syllabus of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Out of the 3 papers, Physics was the toughest paper. The paper was found to quite lengthy and time consuming. Questions were mainly given from the topics such as laws of motion, gravitation, electricity, atoms, etc.

Chemistry questions were conceptual in nature. It demanded to be well versed in the subject. While, Mathematics section was quite easy to attempt.

For medical students, the Biology paper tested their memory. The difficulty level is shown below:

Name of the paperDifficulty level
Physics and ChemistryModerate
BiologyEasy to moderate

Prediction for 2018 Exam

As the number of aspirants for MHCET are increasing every year, it is getting tough for the conducting body to put up the cut off list. The designing of the exam is also being changed. According to the previous year trends, new topics are being introduced in the paper. We hope the analysis of the previous year papers served as a stress reducer therapy for you all. No doubt, it isn’t easy to stand up in this cut throat competition, but it isn’t impossible as well. Providing you the expected topics for the entrance exam 2018 on the basis of past year trends, will help ease the stress.

  • MHT CET- Prepare the syllabus of class 11th and class 12th well, as there is an equal ratio of questions noticed in the previous years. Most of the questions asked in the physics sections are kinematics, gravitation, oscillation, electrostatics, current electricity, atoms and nuclei. The topics of chemistry cover thermodynamics, p-block elements, organic chemistry, ketones, aldehydes, and carboxylic acids. While, biology is covered mainly with the questions from plant physiology, human physiology, reproduction, ecology and environment. Important topics for mathematics include integration, trigonometry, differentiation, probability distribution, vectors, conics, derivatives, three dimensional geometry, continuity, differential equations. In all, the prediction for the year 2018 is moderate.

Allow us to help you by sharing some preparation tips with you:

  • The formula for cracking down is nothing but to manage the time well.

  • Understand the previous year papers pattern and topics.

  • Keep practicing and solving the sample papers

  • Apart from studies, take some time out to relax yourselves by meditating or doing yoga, it will increase your focus.

  • Revise the NCERT books as it will strengthen your basics.

MAH CET 2018 Paper Analysis

The MAH CET or Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for MBA and MMS conducted by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) for the admissions to the post graduate degree courses such as MBA and MMS programmes. The scores procured in the MAH CET exam paves the way for aspirants to be eligible for the admission in the top government and private colleges in Maharashtra. This is an extremely popular Management entrance exam, students work hard to attain high scores, for the admission to first year of two years post graduate degree course in Management, which is MBA and MMS, and to post graduate diploma courses in Management, which is PGDBM and PGDM.

The exam is conducted online at various examination centers.

Exam Analysis

The entrance exam is conducted for the admissions to the post graduate degree courses such as MBA and MMS. This test opens the gate of the renowned government and private colleges in Maharashtra for the aspirants. Let us have a look at the exam pattern of the test:

Name of the paperMCQsMarks per questionTotal marks
Logical reasoning Abstract reasoning75 251 1100
Quantitative Aptitude50150
Verbal Ability50150

Analysis of MAH CET 2015 Question Paper

The section of Quantitative Aptitude had approximately 45 questions. The topics of the questions were numbers, algebra, arithmetic, modern mathematics, geometry, etc. Two new questions were introduced which are debentures and shares. The majority of the questions were from the Verbal Ability section, i.e. around 55. The topics of the questions were odd one out, word sequence, grammar, spelling, synonyms acronyms, direct to indirect speech, active and passive voice, etc. The questions on logical sequence were introduced this year only.

There were 20 questions in the Verbal Reasoning. The questions were on Jumbled Sentences, Syllogisms, Anagrams and strong/weak arguments. Visual Reasoning consisted of around 45 questions. Most of the questions involved only 4 elements in the blocks, while some had up to 6 elements. There were questions on Analogies or odd man out.

The Data Interpretation area had 9 questions in all involving easy calculations. There were no questions on Data Sufficiency or comparison of quantities. The section of logical reasoning comprised of 45 questions and majority of them were on series, linear arrangement and coding-decoding questions, direction, family tree, etc. The difficulty level is shown below:

AreasDifficulty level
Quantitative AptitudeEasy
Verbal AbilityEasy to moderate
Verbal ReasoningEasy to moderate
Visual ReasoningEasy
Data InterpretationEasy
Logical ReasoningEasy

Analysis of MAH CET 2014 Question Paper

The entrance test went online for the first time and marked some changes in the difficulty levels. The paper of Quantitative Aptitude was quite scoring. Unlike, earlier exams, BODMAS and calculation based questions were missing in this paper.

Logical Reasoning was the most difficult and time consuming section of the exam. However, it is the most important and half of the paper comprised of this section. The typical questions of input-output tracing, family relationships, identifying the correct coded inequality that was valid, etc were also asked and were easy to attempt. There were approximately 25-30 Visual Reasoning questions which were reasonably difficult. The common questions were completing the series, finding the right analogy, finding the odd man out, were all covered.

The section of Verbal Ability was easy to attempt, less time consuming and scoring. Two new question types; main idea and identify appropriate sentence starters, were introduced. The other question types were; critical reasoning, reading comprehension, vocabulary, mark the error, etc.

The difficulty is shown below:

Name of the paperDifficulty level
Quantitative AptitudeEasy to moderate
Logical ReasoningDifficult
Verbal AbilityEasy
Data InterpretationEasy
Logical ReasoningEasy

Prediction for 2018 exam

All the three sections of this entrance exam carries a total of 200 questions, so you really need to speed up. The areas to be prepared well are verbal ability, analytical reasoning, quantitative analysis, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, Overall, the exam is expected to be easy-moderate. In order to help you crack this particular test, here are few tips and tricks to subside your anxiety:

  • Start preparing advance, it will give enough time to cover the syllabus and to revise.

  • Browse all the reference books

  • Allot the time well

  • Keep practicing mock tests

  • Take out some time for sports, walks, yoga, meditation, as it helps in relieving the stress.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Paper Analysis

The MH MCA CET or Maharashtra Masters of Computer Applications common entrance test is conducted by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) for the admissions in top government and private colleges of MCA course in Maharashtra. The students qualified in the entrance test are then offered admission to first year and direct second year (separate division and lateral entry) of full time post graduate degree course of MCA.
The exam is conducted online at various examination centers. The papers consist of- General Aptitude and Computer Concepts, each of 100 marks. The paper format is objective type, containing MCQs and has negative marking.

After having a brief introduction with all the three common entrance tests, let us now analyse the past years’ exams which will help you to prepare well for the next.

Exam Analysis

This entrance is conducted for the admissions to full time post graduate degree course of MCA. The good score will let you in good college. The students wishing to be major in computer applications need to have a good grasp over computer concepts. Let us have an overview of the exam pattern:

Name of the paperMCQsMarks per questionTotal marks
General Aptitude254100
Computer concepts254100

Prediction for 2018 Exam

The important and frequently asked topics in the previous exams are algebra, co-ordinate geometry, differential equations, arithmetic, trigonometry, mensuration, probability, and statistics. Prepare yourselves tightly for the above mentioned fields. Overall the test could be easy-moderate.

Here are few tips for you which will help you to prepare well:

  • Read the questions in a sequence manner, do not skip questions, to save time during the exam.

  • Study lots of vocabularies in order to improve the language skills.

  • Watch some good English movies, read English newspapers and magazines.

  • Practice all the mathematical formulas and problems.

  • Practice previous year papers, mock tests and use the reference books.

Hope this section of information would prove to be relevant for you. Prepare yourselves to the fullest and surely the result would be a great success. Pass with flying colors.


*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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