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Cover Letter for Emergency Room Nurse

Cover letters are like business letters. A well drafted letter giving information about the applicant with specific details is what every recruiter looks forward to. Writing a cover letter is an art. The language used should be very impressive. The correct, specific and the most important information should reach to the recruiter through cover letter. This is tricky but not difficult. We provide some tips and a sample cover letter just to make this job easy for you.

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Sub: Application for the post of Emergency room nurse

Ref: Your ad in the New York Times dated June8, 20XX

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is with reference to your classified in The New York Times dated June 8, 2011. I hereby wish to apply for the post of emergency room nurse in your health institution. I fully understand that nursing is a very challenging job and demands dedication and devotion to its extreme. I would like to offer my services to your company.

I am very organized, confident and a person with the capabilities of making quick and correct decisions. I have completed Masters in Nursing with emergency management as a special field from ABC College of nursing. I have firsthand experience in handling patients of epilepsy, cardiac arrest and accidents. I have performed minor surgical procedures like suturing single handedly. I have given CPR to patients and have managed everything till the concerned doctor took charge. Specialized in handling pediatric emergencies, I am sure that my knowledge and will to work as an emergency nurse would always help the patients lead a better life.

I have worked for 4 years in ABC Hospital for 4 years. My responsibilities included managing patients in emergency, preparing reports, contacting concerned doctor; monitor the symptoms and giving life support if necessary. I have trained the nurses for emergency management.

Enclosed with this letter is my resume and copies of my certificates. I hope you find the document enclosed herewith worthwhile. I am eagerly awaiting your phone call for a personal interview. Given an opportunity, I hereby assure you that, I will not let you down.

Yours sincerely,

Tips on Writing Cover Letters

Follow these simple tips and make your cover letter impressive and effective.

  • Remember that a cover letter is not an extract of your personal life experiences. It should be very specific in its form. The language used should be very formal. The letter should not look like your autobiography. It should be to the point and concise. The idea behind writing this cover letter is to show that you accept the position if you are being offered.
  • Avoid giving reasons of leaving your current or last job. Do not mention nay name in your cover letter unless necessary. Avoid making remarks about the organization you worked previously.
  • Cover letter is not the correct place to put your demands for salary. Salary issues and negotiations can be done later. Avoid mentioning anything regarding this in your cover letter unless asked for. Go ahead and write a cover letter that will help you in getting a job you dream of. We wish you all the best.

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ER Nurse Cover Letter

ER Nurses assist doctors in emergency rooms and provide care to patients with life-threatening conditions. Their patients have usually had an accident or an allergic reaction. Specific job duties of an ER Nurse are diagnosing illness and trauma, assessing patient needs, offering advice to patients and their families, stabilizing patients, taking samples for tests, treating the problem, providing emotional support, and making arrangements for longer hospital stays. Adhering to safety and hygiene protocols is compulsory for this role.
A well-written example cover letter for ER Nurse should focus on the following job skills and qualifications:

  • Clinical skills
  • Medical teamwork
  • Bedside manners
  • Emotional stability
  • Attention to details
  • Fast thinking and decision-making
  • Recordkeeping
  • Effective communication
  • Stamina

The sample cover letter below showcases similar ER Nurse qualities and experience.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive ER Nurse Resume Samples.

For more information on what it takes to be an ER Nurse, check out our more complete ER Nursee Job Description.

Dear Mr. Fidler:

As a skilled ER Nurse with more than 16 years of experience providing comprehensive services to a wide variety of patients in acute care / trauma environments, I am pleased to present the enclosed resume. My background in supporting patient care allows me to substantially assist St. John’s Hospital in meeting—and exceeding—its healthcare goals.

My experience includes providing specialized care and treatment to critically injured or seriously ill patients while monitoring their progress and communicating with cross-functional medical teams. Performing phlebotomist tasks and EKGs, training and leading nursing staff, and maintaining detailed patient and procedure records are just a few of many tasks at which I excel, consistently providing a superior level of compassionate patient care.

Highlights of my experience include the following:

  • Serving as Lead Nurse in a 70-bed ER department at Applegate Hospital, providing support and leadership across all aspects of patient care while overseeing staff and improving patient flow.
  • Demonstrating expert clinical skills in overseeing critical care of all categories of ER patients while reacting effectively in emergency situations and displaying sound decision-making skills to help save patient lives.
  • Providing quality patient care in alignment with hospital protocols, organizational standards, and legal regulations.
  • Communicating effectively across multidisciplinary medical teams to ensure appropriate and necessary patient care.
  • Adept in using Omnicell medication distribution as well as computerized medical charting.
  • Licensed Registered Nurse in the state of Wisconsin; Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

With my expertise in managing patient care within ER units, I am confident that I can greatly contribute to your hospital in this role. I look forward to discussing this opportunity and my qualifications in detail.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Margaret W. Thorne, RN

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