Res Gestae Divi Augusti Analysis Essay

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A Divine and Supernatural Light

Introduction For a product to be excellent and acceptable, both the contents and the container have got to be perfect. This analogy holds good as for the presentation of sermon by Jonathan Edwards. His sermons are meaningful and provide the true interpretation of the truth contained in the gospel.

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Dante's Divine Comedy

At its core is a somber analysis of morality and existence that has profound implications even for the modern world. The work itself is divided into three canticas: Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise. The text advances through each of these sections or worlds, articulating the cumulative perspectives of Medieval Period culture on the afterlife.

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The Divine Command Theory

We live in a world composed of diverse races, beliefs, and cultures. We hold on to different philosophies, and we embrace different religions. But I believe that no matter how grave the differences are, we commonly believe in one Supreme Deity, despite that we call Him by different names, and that the human nature supports that which will bring him good and will do well to his fellow beings.

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Augustus from Prima Porta

This marble statue, which is 2.04m high, is a copy of the original bronze statue which is noted for the return of the Roman standards by the Parthians in 53 BCE. In this statue, Augustus is portrayed as barefoot, which is a sign of divine status, and he holds a scepter in his left hand, while his right hand is extended as he addresses his armies.

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Rome's Religious History

The civilization grew from a small agricultural community on the Italian Peninsula to a massive empire straddling the Mediterranean Sea and existed then for 12 centuries. Roman religion has some current debates about its character and development (North, 2000).

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Divine roles

This could be after a long spell of drought and the community may think that they are being punished for their past sins. The gods of fertility are usually called upon when the community is experiencing a dry spell of

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Portrait of Augustus of Primaporta

After three failed attempts of his predecessors against Parthians, Augustus was the sole victor ( Although, Augustus was middle aged at the time of sculpture creation; the portrait has

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Write about ( father divine )

His church attracted both the whites and the black when racism was highly upheld. He had several international missions during the 1900s in different destinations (Father Divine 1). According to Boccella, the movement faced criticism for its requirements

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The Divine Model

For instance, the Vaishnava Hinduism has clear documentation of ten incarnations to the god Vishnu, while on the other hand Christianity proclaims the ultimate incarnation of God the Son through Jesus Christ. This is an ancient Sanskrit epic that

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The digital Loeb Classical Library extends the founding mission of James Loeb with an interconnected, fully searchable, perpetually growing virtual library of all that is important in Greek and Latin literature. Read more about the site’s features »

Velleius Paterculus, who lived in the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius (30 BCE–37 CE), served as a military tribune in Thrace, Macedonia, Greece and Asia Minor, and later, from 4 CE to 12 or 13, as a cavalry officer and legatus in Germany and Pannonia. He was quaestor in 7 CE, praetor in 15. His Compendium of Roman History (in two books) is a summary of Roman history from the fall of Troy to 29 CE. As he approached his own times he becomes much fuller in his treatment, especially between the death of Caesar in 44 BCE and that of Augustus in 14 CE. His work has useful concise essays on Roman colonies and provinces and some effective compressed portrayals of characters.

In his 76 year (13–14 CE), the emperor Augustus wrote a dignified account of his public life and work, the Res Gestae Divi Augusti, of which the best preserved copy (with a Greek translation) was engraved by the Galatians on the walls of the temple of Augustus at Ancyra (Ankara). It is a unique document giving short details of his public offices and honours; his benefactions to the empire, to the people, and to the soldiers; and his services as a soldier and as an administrator.

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