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Ph.D., Post Secondary and Adult Education - Capella University
J.D. - University of Michigan
M.S., Parent-Child Nursing - University of Michigan
B.S.N. - Northern Michigan University

Teaching Interests

Selected Presentations and/or Publications


  • Doctoral Dissertation - Unpublished
    • Blondy, L. C. (2007). A correlational study between the critical thinking skills of nursing faculty and their perceived barriers to teaching critical thinking skills to nursing students. Doctoral Dissertation, Capella University. (UMI Dissertation Services: 3288871).
  • Published Articles
    • Blondy, L. C., Blakeslee, A. M., Scheffer, B. K., Rubenfeld, M. G., Cronin, B. M., & Luster-Turner, R. (in press). Understanding synthesis across disciplines to improve nursing education. Western Journal of Nursing Research.
    • Gardiner, M.L. Blondy, L. C., & Bumpus, S. M. (2014).  Creating the Student Nurses' Association Peer Support Services (SNAPSS) program.  Dean's Notes, 36(2), 1-3.
    • Blondy, L. C. (2011). Evaluation and comparison of nursing faculty members' critical thinking skills. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 3(2), 180-195. doi:10.1177/0193945910381596
    • Blondy, L. C. (2007). Evaluation and application of andragogical assumptions to the adult online learning environment. Journal of Interactive Online Learning (6)2, 116-130.
    • Blondy, L. C. (2004).  The application of critical thinking skills to the role of the legal nurse consultant. The Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting.  15(3), 3-6.
  • Books
    • Blondy, L. C. (2006). Workbook for advanced assessment: Interpreting findings and formulating differential diagnoses. Brockton, MA: Western Schools.
  • Posters
    • Cronin, B. M. & Blondy, L. C. (June 16, 214). Critical Thinking and Online Learning: Challenges and Best Practices.  Drexel University Nursing Education Institute.  Creating the Learning Environment of Tomorrow.  June 16-19, 2014.  Myrtle Beach, SC.
    • Blondy, L. C. (Feb 20-21, 2013).  Development of an Interprofessional Description of the Synthesis Process:  Promotions. Interprofessional Education in Nursing.  American Association of Colleges of Nursing Faculty Practice Pre-Conference.  Feb 20-21, 2013.  Buena Vista, FL.
    • Blondy, L.C. (June 27, 2011). Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Teaching Critical Thinking: What's New for 2011? Drexel University Nursing Education Institute. Creating The Learning Environment of Tomorrow. June 27-30, 2011. Atlantic City, NJ.
    • Blondy, L. C. & Bumpus, S. (April 1, 2011). Hands Off! Enhancing Students' Differential Diagnostic Skills Through Focused History Taking. Updated Information to the History-Centric Clinical Encounter Exercise, 2006-2011. Michigan Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Spring Conference. Small Steps: Big Feat. April 1-3, 2011. Ypsilanti, MI
    • Bumpus, S. & Blondy, L. C., (April 17, 2010). The History-Centric Clinical Encounter. NONPF 36th Annual Meeting. April 14-18, 2010. Washington D.C.
    • Blondy, L. C. (September 29, 2009). Exploration of Relationships Between Nurse Faculty Critical Thinking Skills and Perceived Barriers to Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Students. University of Michigan Health System Nursing Research Day, Ann Arbor, MI


  • Gardiner, M., Blondy, L. C., & Bumpus, S. M. (Oct 31, 2013). Creating the Student Nurses Assocation Peer Support Services (SNAPSS) Program.  UNM Annual Mentoring Conference:  Impact and Effectiveness of Developmental Relationships.  Oct 29-Nov 1, 2013.  Albuquerque, NM.
  • Blondy, L. C. (September 15, 2010).  Invited Speaker. Session: Promoting Critical Thinking in Nursing Orientees. University of Michigan Health System, Mott Children's Hospital. Preceptor Education Day for 5W.  Whitmore Lake, MI
  • Blondy, L. C. (August 4, 2009). Session: Designing an Evidence Based Preceptor Program. Michigan Nursing Summit, August 3-4, 2009. Lansing, MI
  • Blondy, L. C. (June 6, 2009). Session: The Evaluation of Nursing Faculty Critical Thinking Skills and Perceived Barriers to Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Nursing Students. Drexel University Nursing Education Institute. Creating the Learning Environment of Tomorrow. June 4-7, 2009. Washington, DC
  • Blondy, L.C. (February, 20, 2009). Session: Designing a Nurse Preceptor Program to Build Critical Thinking Skills in Preceptors and Orientees. Georgia Association of Nursing Education. Annual Conference. February 19-21, 2009. St. Simons Island, GA
  • Blondy, L. C. (July 31, 2008). Session: Building Critical Thinking Skills in Nurse Orientees: Bridging the Gap. University of Michigan Recruitment and Retention Series.
  • Blondy, L. C. (June 9, 2007).  Session: Promoting Communication in the Online Classroom. Drexel University Nursing Education Institute. Creating the Learning Environment of Tomorrow. June 8-10, 2007. Miami, FL

Additional Information


  • American Nurses Credentialing Center, Specialty Certification - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  • National Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners & Associates, Specialty Certification - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care
  • Michigan State Bar

Honors and Awards:

  • University of Michigan Law School, 1994, Carl Gussin Memorial Prize: Excellence in Trial Work
  • University of Michigan Nursing Traineeship Award, 1983, 1984
  • Michigan Board of Control Academic Scholarship, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980
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