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MEK Review has broken several records during the 2016-2017 Bergen County Academies application season! 83 of our BCA Prep students received invitations for interviews in March. Out of these interviewed students, 54 received admission letters last week to join the Class of 2021!

Bergen County currently offers three different magnet/vocational schools.

  1. Bergen County Academies—Hackensack, NJ
  2. Bergen County Technical Schools—Teterboro, NJ
  3. Academies at Englewood—Englewood, NJ

These schools all focus on college and career readiness. Thinking about career paths during the eighth grade can seem overwhelming! While these schools offer specialized programs, students will also be exposed to a variety of electives which help expand their skill sets and general interests. This makes them well-rounded college applicants after high school.

Newsweek listed BCA as the 4th top school in all of New Jersey in 2016. BCA was also ranked 11 out of the top 500 high schools in the entire country! The school accepts around 270 new students every year.

  • Out of about 3,000 applicants, 600 receive interview invitations (Phase 2)
  • About 270 students are then accepted to BCA, 170 to BT
  • The Academies at Englewood accept 110 students every year

What does the application require?

  • Must be a Bergen County resident
  • Must be in the 8th grade
  • 45-minute English admission test (with writing response)
  • 60-minute multiple-choice math admission test (40 questions)
  • Interview with admissions
  • Essay for each school you wish to apply to
  • Teacher recommendations (math, English, science)
  • 7th and 8th grade report cards

How does the admission test work?

Success on the admission tests requires strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are not often taught in middle school classrooms. These skills are developed and strengthened through programs like MEK Labs. The math test features challenging word problems. Students may take the math test on either a Saturday or Sunday in January after submitting their online applications.

To learn how our most recent BCA Prep students performed on the BCA math admission test, please click here.

The English admission test requires students to read a prompt and then write a five-paragraph essay featuring a strong thesis over the course of 45 minutes. Both tests are designed to evaluate students’ reasoning skills rather than measure general academic achievement. Reasoning tests require interpretation of given information.

MEK has the programs and skilled academic counselors to help promising students grow into strong applicants. Just ask our hundreds of past BCA graduates!

Call (855) 346-1410 to schedule a consultation with one of our academic counselors today! 

Article by Rachel Karach / Bergen Academies, Blog, High School Admissions, Magnet & Private Schools, MEK Labs

Parents and students are often puzzled about Bergen County Academies essay grading. At MEK we use the same grading criteria used to grade the BCA test essay to ensure consistency. There are six categories included in our standard rubric. All together, they evaluate students’ understanding of the text, their ability to thoroughly answer the prompt, and their grammar/mechanics.

 So, what are the criteria?

  • Comprehension – understanding main ideas and interpreting key elements of the text.
  • Insight – identifying figurative language and making crucial inferences.
  • Organization – using articulate language and progression of ideas.
  • Analysis, development, and support – responding accurately to prompt questions, using direct quotes, and adding supporting examples.
  • Style – using authentic voice and perspective, along with sentence variety.
  • Grammar/Spelling – using appropriate mechanics and structure in the essay.

How do we help?

Starting with the first session, our teachers will guide you through the intricacies of writing this literary analysis essay to help you craft your best product every time.  So, relax and start to write!

-Michelle Sinno, Writing Lab Instructor.

Article by Rachel Karach / Bergen Academies, Blog, Exam Prep, High School Admissions

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