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The WA Health Libraries Network (WAHLiN) has purchased a WA Health licence for EndNote and EndNote Online (formerly EndNote Web)!  

EndNote X8 should be available on your WNHS work computer - if not log a job with the Health Information Network.

Once downloaded you should Configure EndNote X8 to Find Full Text .

Minimum requirements for Windows are Windows 7 and Word 2007. 

Minimum requirements for Macs are OS X 10.10 and Word 2011.

See more about EndNote Compatibility - but don't download from this site

Download EndNote X8 on your home computer from the appropriate tab above

EndNote X8 is compatible across platforms - you can create your library on a MAC, save it as a compressed library on a USB then open it on a PC (and vice-versa). EndNote X7 & X8 are also compatible

 Mac users & EndNote X7: There are known compatibility problems with Cite While You Write & Word 2016 for Macs. See these Recommendations. These problems have been resolved with EndNote X8. EndNote X8 is compatible with the latest Mac OS Sierra. EndNote X7 is not!


Before downloading EndNote, you must read the following Conditions of Use:

The EndNote software can only be used by current Macquarie University staff or students.

The software may be installed on University-owned computers and personally-owned computers, including home computers and laptops. The computer owner must be a current Macquarie University staff member or student. The use of the program must be for coursework, research or other work directly related to Macquarie University.

The software may only be used during the term of Macquarie University’s licence agreement.

If the University ceases the site license or if you leave Macquarie University, you must discontinue use of and uninstall all copies of the Software. No further product upgrades or technical support will be provided once the licence has ceased.

The software cannot be sold, lent, or transferred to anyone or electronic forum except eligible members of Macquarie University.

The software’s component parts may not be separated for use on more than one computer. The following is also prohibited: reverse engineering, de-compiling, translation, modification, distribution, broadcasting, dissemination, or creation of derivative works from the Software.

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