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In Islam we must respect our elders in all situations. We can never behave badly towards them and must always speak to them in a kind and gentle manner.

Our parents deserve our...
Topic - Respect your teachers

My Story - Teacher Trouble

Assalamu-alaykum, I had another one of those days last week!

At the mosque there is one boy in my class who wastes all his time. He never learns and spends all day looking around.

My Ustad is great and always tries to motivate us. Yesterday he called the boy who doesn't learn. He began to explain to him how important it is for us to study.

The boy didn't like being talked to and looked at my ustad in an angry way. Everyone in the class saw this and went quiet.

I was shocked. How can someone look at their teacher like that? This was not just any teacher but was the kindest and nicest teacher I have ever seen.

My ustad forgave the boy and explained to him about respect. My teacher is so cool. He cares so much about us. Every teacher should be like him. PP

Lesson - respect for teacher

In Islam we must respect our elders in all situations. We can never behave badly towards them and must always speak to them in a kind and gentle manner.

Our parents deserve our utmost respect so we must always obey them and look after them. We must never hurt their feelings or make them feel sad.

Like our parents, teachers have a special place. They give us a very special gift called knowledge (Ilm). This gift brings us closer to Allah and makes us better people.

The best of teachers were the prophets and Muhammad (pbuh) was the last of these great teachers. He taught us about Allah and living our lives. Even today, we love and respect our Prophet (pbuh) and follow his advice.

Active Minds - Character fit

Make these Qualities fit into the grid and into your lives

Story - Abdullah Ibn Abbas

Abdullah Ibn Abbas was the nephew of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the son of his uncle Abbas. When Abdullah was a youngster our Prophet would make dua for him asking Allah to give Abdullah a deep understanding of Islam and to let him understand things well.

There was a very close connection between our Prophet (pbuh) and Abdullah. Often as a child he spent time in the company of our Prophet (pbuh). When our Prophet passed away, Abdullah, who was only thirteen years old, was very sad.

Abdullah had a great zeal to learn about Islam so would sit in the company of the Sahabah, learning about Islam and about the teachings of our Prophet (pbuh). Often Abdullah would travel great distances even to learn a single hadith

In one visit, he went to see a Sahabi who was asleep at the time. Abdullah did not want to disturb the Sahabi so decided that he would wait outside until the Sahabi woke up. When the Sahabi woke up he was very surprised to see Abdullah waiting for him covered in dust. Abdullah had been waiting a quite a while.

The Sahabi asked, “Why did you not wake me up? You are the cousin of our Prophet (pbuh) and we would have come to see you if you had asked!”

Abdullah ibn Abbas explained that he was a student and the Sahabi was his teacher so he did not want to disturb or inconvenience him.

As time went on, Abdullah ibn Abbas became one of the most knowledgeable Sahabah and people would come from all over the world to learn from him. He was a great teacher from whom many people learned lost of information about Islam.

Puzzle - Respect

Words related to repect

Did You Know

Science had an idea that their forefathers were monkeys. This is known as ‘Darwinism’. They have tried their best to prove this but have totally failed for many years.

The fact remains that Allah created everything including all humans. Allah tells us many facts in the Qur’an which scientists are finally proving to be true.


Why did everyone in the class go quiet?

Who must we respect?

How was Abdullah ibn Abbas related to our Prophet (pbuh) ?

What idea did science have?

Who was the greatest teacher?

Penpal Reflects

Assalamu-alaykum, everyone from politicians to teachers talk about the word respect. The fact is that respect should reside in all our hearts. Islam deserves our fullest respect because it is guidance from Allah. We must always follow, love and respect. PP

Poem Lessons

Many blessing you will collect
if you show your teacher respect

Good education you must gain,
A Successful life you will attain.

If you want to be really cool—
Showing respect is the golden rule

If you really want to pass
respect the Ustad of your class

Quick Facts

Some quick facts

Footsteps - Follow the Sunnah

The Prophet (pbuh) was the greatest of teachers and a teacher for all mankind


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The End

   People tend to bash teachers more than praise their abilities. It takes a lot to be able to reach kids and make a difference in their lives. I have had a variety of teachers in my life and each one has helped me become the person I am today. To be able to do what they do every day, five days a week, is amazing. It takes many additional hours to prepare lesson plans, correct papers and, most importantly, to teach young people. All of this is done for one important objective: to produce happy, healthy, intelligent human beings.

Some kids, and even parents, feel it is necessary to complain about their teachers if they get a bad grade or they feel the teacher doesn't reach their standards. Whatever the problem, I have found that students and parents are basically to blame. Most teachers at my school have been teaching for more than 30 years. They know the students and how to teach and reach them. What gives parents the right to bash a teacher of 30 years when they have the experience of teaching only their own child? The next time you feel you have been cheated, ask yourself if your teacher been cheated - cheated out of respect that they deserve. ?

This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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