Topic Teacher Essay Checker

  • Locate the class you’d like to create the Spot Check Assignment for.

  • Click Create an Assignment under that class title.  
    This will take you to the Create a New Assignment page.

  • Under Assignment Typedo the following:

    1. Name the assignment (you can change this later if needed).

    2. Select “Spot Check.”


  • Click Continue.  This should take you to the Spot Check Prompt Library page.

  • Just like with Signal Check Assignments, use the dropdown filters to search for prompts.
    You can filter by grade, genre, and whether the prompt is source-based.

  • Click the prompt titles on the Spot Check Prompt Library page to read each prompt on its individual prompt page.

  • Also, like Signal Check Assignments, on each prompt page you’ll find the following:

    1. The prompt and any sources students will need to read to write to that prompt

    2. A downloadable Rubric PDF for how student writing will be scored

    3. A downloadable Assignment PDF of the prompt and sources

    4. A link to the Learning Standards related to that prompt.


  • When you find the prompt you’d like to use, add any additional info for your students in
    the Add Special Instructions box. If you added any extra instructions, click Save Instructions

  • Click the Create Assignment button.

  • Click Continue to confirm the assignment creation.

  • A Successpage should come up when your assignment has been created.

    Remember! You still have to start the assignment so your students can work on it.
    Students cannot see the essay question until you start the assignment.

  • The educational landscape is evolving and so is technology. It’s true that educators have a more complex job to do than before. It’s no longer a classroom full of pens, paper and books.

    Students are now incorporating technology into their learning processes and skill practices. Phones, computers and tablets are now a part of any student and teacher’s daily life. And to best educate, you must understand how your students learn and absorb information.

    Review the following tools and resources to drive your student’s motivation and achievements. And to enhance your own editing skills and blended learning approaches.

    1. Workflowy

    If you love working with bullet points, then you’ll love Workflowy. Organize lesson plans and suggest to students for outlining essays. The basic version is free; upgrade for $4.99/month for unlimited lists.

    2. PaperRater

    This free online software provides a proofreading system that gives explanations and suggestions for any noted error. Thus making both teachers and students develop better writing skills.

    3. Help.Plagtracker

    Plagtracker performs a unique checking algorithm to spot any plagiarism, making it a handy tool for any teacher. They also offer writing consultations (starting at $19.99) and editing assistance (starting at $9.95).

    4. Hemingway

    Hemingway app highlights issues within text like hard to read sentences and basic spelling mistakes. It also provides an effective readability score based on adverb and passive voice usage.

    5. Ginger

    Ginger software offers a free and quick online grammar check. Their full app is downloadable for $3.99 (Mac and Chrome) and is minimalistic, yet efficient offering a text reader feature that can be an effective editing tool.

    6. Evernote

    Evernote allows users to gather information from anywhere (online, documents, photos etc.) and easily share information. Live chat, review papers with students and collaborate with peers (basic app is free, for unlimited space upgrade for $20/yr.).

    7. Academic Writing Service

    This service composed of certified professionals offers ideas and support. Better engage students with free writing contests, a free writing guide and blog full of inspiration (proofreading prices vary, $20-$50).

    8. Grammark

    This free writing aid is straightforward and immediately provides proofreading overviews that focus on transitions, grammar, academic style and wordiness. Teachers can also set their own grading criteria and percentages.

    9. Padlet

    Padlet is a free, virtual corkboard. Educators can easily add and arrange documents and pictures. The boards are embedded, easily shared and offer privacy settings so users can control their content and resources.

    10. PollEverywhere

    Poll Everywhere let students use phones during class and allows teachers to create test questions that students answer directly from their devices. Prices vary from $0/25 responses to $500/month for 500 responses.

    11. GoogleDocs

    The best things about using Google docs are accessibility and saving tons of paper. It’s a convenient and easy way to collaborate on any type of document with students, faculty and peers.

    12. ProofHQ

    ProofHQ is a powerful collaboration and planner-building tool for teachers. Create and share effective planners by easily attaching files, submitting comments and editing proofs (free trial for 14 days).

    13. SpellCheckPlus

    SpellCheckPlus offers two editing marks: misspelled words in red and highlighted phrases to grammar check. It’s organized, effective and offers suggested corrections.

    14. ProofreadBot

    This free online proofreader highlights issues and offers popups to explain the issue and its correction. Price varies for their report and grading services ($5/500, $20/2500, $35/5,000).

    15. Time4Writing

    This free site is full of materials to engage students and covers sentence structure, essay writing, proper mechanics and standardized test writing.

    As the world of education shifts, the amount of online tools for teachers continues to grow. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin or what source is best. There are various similar tools. However, each has their unique attributes.

    Save yourself valuable time and use the top 15 resources listed here. There is something practical and helpful for everyone. Test them out today to see which one works best for you and your teaching methods.


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